Pro Tools vs Logic vs Sonar, vs Ableton vs Cubase?

A newbie asks and gets some good answers.

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Ableton is the best DAW one can get..... good workflow..... good sound quality(well.....), and soooo easy


Man this guy doesnt know nothing about music production, Comparing screens and changing track colors... comparing time to render the shitiest music format ever (mp3) Man educate yourself,even Ableton live, doesn´t render in mp3! that´s garbage.
if you whant the best DAW for composing, editing, use ableton live, for mixing rendering use Pro tools, with Ableton live you´ll need some aditional VST plug ins like waves or so, to get the job done. In protols youll get the job done but the workflow is the shitiest there is, making you lose composing time.

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Protools vs Cubase vs Sonar 8

Pro-tools. Industry standard though with hardware requirements as per package purchase!

Cubase,another standard that sets great benchmarks for solid performance,reliability, proper coded GUI.Steinberg created VST and performance never falters regards such inserts!

Sonar 8 by cakewalk, a cluttered GUI that is windows based ie(clicking on one part of the screen disables other parts,as in having several windows open at once on your dektop). Tried to love this program for years but consistently let down by unreliable compatability with VST and the infamous "motorboating and dropouts".The GUI is plain ugly.sub menus are a pain to find simple things like maybe changing a track colour. Crashes are common place! Don't let "Sonar" fanboys tell you it's your gear as Steinberg and others have no problems using the same hardware!Go figure!!!

Nuendo 3. A faultless DAW that has consistently worked without a single hickup for years non stop. A Good GUI that clears itself automatically of deleted tracks unlike Sonar which leaves clutter all over the place. Also faster on converting to MP3.( test; sonar 8, 148 sec. Nuendo3 24 sec. Same bouncedown.)

Woman vs Pro Tools vs Logic vs Sonar, vs Ableton vs Cubase

Protools 8 Le or M - Midi is ok - Limited hardware choices etc they take their time with releases and when they do put in new technology it works like it should it's gettin better on the LE and Powered technology Front
Like a classic beauty she gets away with wearing very little make up cos she has such good jeans (Spelling intended)

Logic 8 - The Audios ok rest is all good - Mac only You could get to like this Gal Hey its a apple take a bite if your willing to pay the hardware price But the software is nice.
shes had an extreme makeover looks hotter yet is some how more friendly

Cubase 5 – Not overly Impressive from version to version - Annoying Dongle etc But its solid and will serve you well like a good German car with no sports frills since version 5 she dosent complain and likes sports

Sonar 8 - Crap Workflow its like Cluttered Christmas tree. Its has piles of features
that are prematurely released as finished.
Dont believe the lies that she is easy to get along with yet she has many old secret admirers
You'll have a love hate relationship with her

Ableton 8 - A live app masquerading as a DAW or a Daw masquerading as a Live App the line is getting thinner with every version but has no staff view and it dosnt play nicely with live musicians audio editing is ok though
For a solo songwriter who likes to dance hip hop or bee bop Shes a Dream companion but if you want a fully fledged DAW go for one of the four above you'll be more satisfied in the long run and the others will get on better with the rest of your friends in the studio

For the past few weeks I've

For the past few weeks I've been looking for a new DAW. I've been tinkering with Live, Cubase, and Sonar all in equal measure, and reading up on each as much as I have time for.

While I can't comment on PT or Logic, I have to say that your review on the others is DEAD ON! While you didn't describe features or anything, you cut to the quick on what the user will experience.

For anyone looking for an answer to the Sonar vs Cubase vs Live debate, take this guy's opinion to heart!

My personal $0.02....

Leaning towards Cubase. I think it's a little more time consuming to learn than Sonar, but from what I've gathered so far, once you get over that hump, working with it is a lot less time consuming. Abelton Live is fun, but that's about it; Not worth the money, and limiting in what styles of music you can produce with it (at least for me.)

I do wonder though, why so many people describe Cubase as "unimpressive." I've seen this comment from others before, and wonder why users want the program to be "impressive." I just want it to be easy to work with in the long run, make efficient use of my system's resources without a crashy temperament, and stay within my budget. I'll bring my own plugins and instruments to the table, so whoopitie doo daa if a DAW offers a zillion add ons I' don't need. I don't need flashy... (though I do have to say that Cubase's vari audio feature is a very neat tool and to me a great bonus to buying the software. One of the few DAW add ons that might actually find it's way into my workflow.)

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