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Music Equipment

USB Audio Interface Roundup

Before you can record music onto your computer, you will need an audio interface - we have extensively reviewed all options on the market and produced this list of USB adapters which we recommend.

Need Some Cheap Studio Monitors?

Inexpensive doesn't have to mean low quality - in this buyer's guide we review the best affordable options for your home recording studio. You will find well known brands as well a a couple you might not be familiar with - but we are and we let you know which ones to get.

DAW Controller Roundup

If you're still pointing and clicking to edit audio and mix music on your DAW, then you really need to check these out. They will save you loads of time at every stage of the process from recording to the final mixdown.

DJ Controller Roundup

The same goes for DJ Controllers as for DAW Controllers - except perhaps more so. Using your mouse will only get you so far when using DJ software, if you really want to get the house jumping you really need one of these. As an alternative, check out these cheap DJ controllers.

Cheap Electronic Drums Roundup

These are heaps of fun to play with, but they're also high enough in quality that you can use them for both live performance and for recording.

In-Ear Monitor Roundup

IEMs are seriously cool and a lot easier to lug around than foldback monitors. On top of that they also make it possible to have your own personal mix, and did we mention that they're seriously cool?

The Top 5 Affordable Drum Machines

Thanks to technology, you can now get drum machines with professional sounding samples and loops at a very modest price. Aside from improving the quality and productivity of your practice, they can also add groove and percussive sounds to your live performance.

The Best DJ Speakers

We took a long hard look at many PA speaker systems, and we selected the ones that are most suitable for mobile DJ use.

The Best Home Recording Mics

We bring you the best microphones for home recording, versatile condenser and dynamic mics that work brilliantly in home studio setups.

The Best Headphones Under $200

Here are the best headphones under $200, narrowed down to the ones with impressive features, sound quality, and comfort at a reasonable price - includes sets for Recording, DJ'ing, and of course listening.

Gift Ideas For Musicians

Although it can sometimes be difficult coming up with a wonderful gift for a musician, we feel you'll find something here to suit just about any musical person.

The Very Best Electronic Drum Kits

If money is not an issue, and you want to have the best possible set with natural feeling response, the ability to switch to traditional acoustic heads, and you want to look dam good playing - then these premium electronic kits are for you.

Cheap USB Microphone Roundup

Here is our selection of the best cheap USB microphones for home recording, sitting on the sweet spot where quality and affordability meet.

MIDI Pickups for Electric Guitars

With some relatively minor adjustments by adding MIDI pickups to your guitar, you can turn it into a fully fledged MIDI controller.


Music Software

Music Production Software

We give you are expert recommendations on which software to use depending on whether you're producing songs, recording bands, making beats, recording external audio or working entirely within your computer.

The Top 7 Delay VST Plugin List

Here is our Top 7 delay VST Plugin List to help you pick the best delay plugin for your music production needs.

Reverb Plugin Roundup

There are literally hundreds of reverb plugins you could spend all your time trying out - but you don't have to because we deliver only the best of the best here.

Free Guitar VST Plugins

You can't beat the price, and you'll be surprised at the kind of effects, amp models and virtual guitars you can get for the low price of nothing.

VST Plugins for Processing Vocals

Since vocal tracks carry the message and melody to your listeners, they are simply the most important of all the tracks in your mix. With that in mind, here are the best vocal VST plugins that will help you clean up your vocal tracks as well as enhance pitch and timing, and some more to boot!

DAW Software Roundup

We have compiled a list of the best Paid and Free DAWs along with descriptions to help you in selecting which one suits your set up, budget, and music production needs.

The Top 10 Free VST Virtual Instruments

Maybe you're just starting out with VST Plugins, or maybe your an old hand, whatever the case this list of the most popular free VSTi plugins will give you some ideas for adding to your collection of virtual instruments.

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